1. Flickr is still great

    Recently I looked at my Flickr account, and of my 768 contacts, 240 have uploaded in the past week, 360 this month. This was before the new iOS app and Instagram TOS meltdown. These are impressive statistics, considering I’ve been a member since 2005. After hearing it declared “dead” and “irrelevant,” this is a community of people that care about what they are putting up. So much so that many of them pay for it. Flickr is already the paid alternative so many people are clamoring for. Your photos will not be used to create “meaningful brand engagement.” Years after Flickr ceased to be an exciting business story, it remains one of the most important places for photography culture online.

    Here are some people active in the last month that I suggest following after you sign up or reset your old password. I am leaving many out, and will update this post.

    28 December 2012 | source: Flickr / bremser

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      Lots of great photography here. I still adore Flickr. Wish all my instagram folks would move there.
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      I follow several of the photographers on this list. Second everything here.
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