1. my own favorite photos of 2011

    Less than 1% of posts on my tumblr are my own photographs. This blog has become about making connections between photographs that I find interesting, establishing micro-genres. Such as kids running into waves, portraits of people in San Francisco with thick-framed glasses, a line at a certain angle through the frame.

    This editing mode might seem like a game, but it has influenced what I do when I’m making photos. It helps me create connections without an explicit series in mind. I still have a large drawer full of undeveloped film and unscanned negatives, so hopefully my favorite from 2011 is yet to be discovered. You can click-through to see each large on flickr.

    "lush life" January in San Francisco was scarily warm - a handful of days in the 70s. People filled up Dolores Park. The challenge shooting there is strong direct light/shadows, properly exposing faces, and arranging bodies and limbs on a crowded day.
    Yashicamat, f16 or f22, 1/250th

    "an adjustment" At a playground I don’t think I would have been interested in taking this photo. I see so-called minimalist art as very humanistic and I like how the color works in this one to make it feel that way. Marfa, Texas is one of the greatest locations for art in the United States - I strongly suggest a road trip.
    Yashicamat, f.5.6, 1/125th

    "arresting a mentally ill man" The composition connection between this one and the previous one is the most obvious example of how the blog informs my photography. The man was screaming from this position and the police officer was moving him around, I waited for a calm expression on the cop’s face (maybe his eyes are closed). The woman entered the frame and I thought that might botch it, but it quotes a famous Joel Meyerowitz photo in Paris.
    Yashicamat, f8, 1/125th

    "my grandmother Rose, 95" I suspect using the camera to capture the expressions and gestures of strangers will help you take better photographs of your friends and family. This was the last photo I took of my grandmother and for me captures an enduring bit of her personality, an Italian-American gesture, filtered through 95 years of living. Life can be fleeting and too short, unless it picks you to be the last of your immediate family, and outlive everyone else. May all of us be that person.
    Yashicamat, f5.6, 1/60th

    29 December 2011

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